You can safely and legally dispose of any leftover or expired prescription and over-the-counter medications Including vitamins, creams, powder inhalers, nebulizer solutions, liquid medicines less than four ounces, lotions, ointments, pet medications, pills, tablets, and capsules.

How to dispose of your needles and other sharp medications
The Nebraska MEDS Drug Disposal program does not accept needles. This is to protect our pharmacy team and those who handle the transport of the disposal containers. To safely dispose of your needles, you can access the instructions by clicking here.



What should you do?

Don’t keep leftover medications—instead, learn how to get rid of them the right way. Don't flush leftover medications! Properly dispose of them by returning them to a participating pharmacy.  Or call 1-800-222-1222.

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About Nebraska MEDS

Nebraska MEDS is a coalition of state and community partners dedicated to educating patients about safe disposal of prescription and over-the-counter medications. In addition to educational work, the coalition supports disposal programs that allow residents to dispose of unused and leftover medications.

Pharmacists in your community offer a free and safe way to dispose of your leftover medication asked every day. The next time that you are in your pharmacy, ask your pharmacists any questions that you may have about drug disposal. 

Coalition Members

AARP Nebraska Pharmacists Association Environmental Trust Nebraska Recycling Council
Lincoln Lancaster County Health Deparment Nebraska Medical Association
Nebraska Regional Poison Center
Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services