How It Works

every day can be take-back day at your pharmacy! 

Program Qualifications

To join the Nebraska MEDS drug disposal program a pharmacy must obtain an active community pharmacy license, contact NPA Project Coordinator, Amy Holman, train all staff on the protocol of the program, submit training form, and provide the contact information of the PIC. 


Patients and consumers bring in their unwanted or expired non-controlled medications to the pharmacist, who then inserts them into the TakeAway Environmental Return System (which should be kept in a secure location or behind the counter). When the box is full, the pharmacist simply seals it for shipment to the Sharps Compliance treatment facility and schedules a pickup with UPS. The box is prepaid and pre-addressed.

The TakeAway Environmental Return System envelope allows patients to dispose of their unwanted controlled substance medications from home.  The controlled medications are placed into the envelope by the patient, which is then sealed and mailed directly to the Sharps Compliance treatment facility. The envelopes are prepaid and pre-addressed. 

The MedSafe program allows a permanent medication collection service that patients can directly place their medication for safe disposal. To qualify for MedSafe pharmacies must be an authorized collector with the DEA, be able to affix the container to the floor or wall, and have the safe be in sight-line of the pharmacy counter.   


MedSafe Sample Log
TakeAway Program
TakeAway Program Training Completed - Fax Sheet

Accepted and Unaccepted items
The following items are accepted in the Nebraska Meds take-back program: 
- Prescription medication 
- Over-the-counter medication
- Inhalers, nebulizer solutions
- Liquid medications less than four ounces
- Pet medications
- Pills, tablets, and capsules
- Lotions
- Ointments
- Creams
- Vape Cartridges

The following items are not accepted items for the Nebraska MEDS take-back program: 
- Syringes, lancets, and needles
- Home-based care or medication equipment 
- Rubbing alcohol
- Hydrogen peroxide
- Liquid medication greater than four ounces
- Thermometers

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