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Patients and consumers bring in their unwanted or expired non-controlled medications to the pharmacist, who then inserts them into the TakeAway Environmental Return System (which should be kept in a secure location or behind the counter). When the box is full, the pharmacist simply seals it for shipment to the Sharps Compliance treatment facility and schedules a pickup with UPS. The box is prepaid and pre-addressed.

The TakeAway Environmental Return System envelope allows patients to dispose of their unwanted controlled substance medications from home.  The controlled medications are placed into the envelope by the patient, which is then sealed and mailed directly to the Sharps Compliance treatment facility. The envelopes are prepaid and pre-addressed. 


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TakeAway Program
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Ordering Information
Need to re-order the take-away containters or controlled substance envelopes? There are multiple ways!

  • Call Sharps: 800-772-5657 to order a new container (Be sure to note that you are a participating pharmacy with Nebraska MEDS.)
  • Download the NPA Order Form here
  • E-mail order to Sharps Compliance at:
  • Fax Order Form to (713) 432-0555